Get Smooth Skin Through Facials & Waxing

Come to Beautiful Faces Spa in Porter, Texas, for a day of pampering and relaxation. We help both men and women to feel their most confident through our facial and waxing services as well as our makeup and eyelash services. Our specialists are highly trained in techniques for cleansing the face and removing unwanted hair.


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Try Our Specialized Facials

Having a facial from our team is a fully relaxing experience. Every facial we offer is made with Eudonia. This is a natural, non-chemical based product which is perfect for those with sensitive skin. No matter what your skin type, we have a skin care line that is perfect for you. We can match your skin type to our acne line, anti-aging line, or any skin type line that you need.

Additional classes

30-Minute Facial: Our mini facials are 30 minutes long and are great for a quick way to feel refreshed. We exfoliate your skin and cleanse it with our non-chemical based products. The 30-Minute Facials are $45.00.

60-Minute Facial: The 60-Minute Facials include more than our 30-Minute Facials. You get a full facial, a mask, and full arm and leg massages. This facial is $60.00

90-Minute Facial: In our 90-Minute Facials, you get two masks, arm and leg massages, steaming of the face, and everything else included. The 90-Minute Facial is $75.00.

Anti-aging Facial: The Anti-aging includes everything you see in the 90-Minute Facial, however, this version is filled with ingredients which fight the signs of aging. These facials are also 90 minutes long and cost $100.00.

60 Minute Hydrating Facial:   This facial is specifically designed to combat dryness. Whether it be due to dry skin or just the change due to the winter weather. This facial includes specific cleansers, toners, serums, Masks and light therapy designed to combat dryness. Your skin will look and feel hydrated after this facial.  Dryness is one of the main causes of wrinkles and early aging.  The 60 minute Hydrating Facial cost is $75.

Anti-Acne treatment: Beautiful faces spa specializes in anti- acne treatments. We use many different treatments including facials, masks, extractions, HydraFacial treatments and photo therapy.  Rebecca the Owner/ Esthetician has over 30 years experience in dealing with acne problems. She works very closely with numerous dermatologist in the surrounding areas.

Caviar and Champagne facial- This facial is actually done with our Anti-aging line of products that contain Caviar, an excellent anti-aging agent. It is a 60 minute facial done by candlelight, served with Champagne and includes Caviar mask, hand and arm and foot and leg massage. The Ultimate in Indulgent facials.

Men & Women’s Waxing

We use both hard wax and soft wax for both men and women. For sensitive areas we use the hard wax, while we use soft wax on larger areas.

Waxing Services Include:

Eyebrow waxing, lip and chin waxing and bikini waxing. 


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