We are a fully certified HydraFacial med spa.


hydra facial


Our HydraFacial is our top of the line facial. Unlike the other facials we offer, this one is performed by a machine which can perform five services. The entire facial is done with high-pressure water technology.

This machine first exfoliates your skin to remove any dead cells. It will then do a chemical peel before it softens and extracts blackheads, whiteheads, or dirt from your pores.

We offer additional steps for this facial, such as dermal filler, Britenol, and CTGF. Dermal filler fills spots in between the skin that leaves you looking as if you had Botox done. The Britenol is used to fade dark spots and improve your skin tone. Using a growth hormone called CTGF, we can stimulate the skin which makes your face look bright and youthful. These services are our specialties in regards to this facial.

Your last step for this facial is the most important. This machine will moisturize your face, targeting two layers under your skin.

Our HydraFacials last one hour and are $100.00. If you would like an extra cylinder, such as the dermal filler, Britenol, or ETGF, it is an extra $20.00 per service. HydraFacials can be done every 2 to 3- weeks. Having this facial done on a routine basis will ensure your skin stays healthy and looking its best.


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Beautiful Faces Spa will no longer be able to offer Hydrafacial through Groupon due to our contract with Edge Systems. Anyone who has already purchased a HydraFacial through groupon, it will be honored but we can no longer sell them.



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